Our services

Business management software

There are a number of already developed business management systems on the market, which try to cover many different customer cases, but at the same time - miss the cases that you need. The business management systems we develop are designed specifically for your business. We analyze your business processes, we offer the best solutions adapted specifically to your business!

Customer self-service systems

Do you provide services and bill your customers via email or even paper? You need a customer self-service system! We develop customer self-service systems of varying complexity that allow customers to access the necessary information - digitized and modern. Do you have employees who work outside the office? Then the self-service system can be intended for your employees, e.g. see their assigned jobs. The possibilities in this area are limitless!

Product Information Management systems

Do you have many different product suppliers? Bring them together in one place and manage the products they supply quickly and efficiently. We develop product management systems that allow you to manage pricing, view balances, export them to your e-store and many other tasks!


Integrations between systems - facilitate the everyday life of companies and greatly reduce manual work. We create integrations with many accounting, logistics and other systems.

Laravel and PrestaShop projects maintenence

Our main tool is the Laravel framework. This is the world's most popular WEB framework for creating websites or web applications with unique functionality. Do you have a project that is built with Laravel or are you planning to create a specific WEB project that requires high speed and flexibility? That's what Laravel is for.
We maintain projects created with Laravel, and create new WEB projects specifically with it. From logistics to leasing systems. The possibilities are endless!
Maintenance and development of PrestaShop projects. Our dedicated brand PrestaPRO works with the content management system PrestaShop and develops and maintains solutions for this content management system.