Business management system & business optimisation

WORHAN is a German brand with 10+ years of experience in the market across Europe.


Since 2018, together with the WORHAN team, we have been developing, maintaining and integrating new sales channels such as PIGU, Emag, ProfiShop, and others.


Also, together with the PrestaPRO team, we integrated full import of goods from the management system with full synchronization of goods and orders.

Technologies, tools and integrations

Laravel GLS PrestaShop PIGU Amazon Ebay

Tasks Completed

  • Various external sales import systems implementation (Amazon, Ebay etc.)
  • Warehouse stock tracking
  • Wholesale sellers self-service
  • Invoicing system
  • Advanced stock tracking
  • Smart orders management system
  • API
  • Advanced reports

Laboratory Information Management System

Founded in 2013, the company Imunodiagnostika manufactures innovative diagnostic tools in the field of immunology. ONESOFT, together with their specialists, has developed a unique laboratory system tailored to their business model.

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