PrestaShop intern

Everyone wants to start somewhere. We fully understand this and offer future specialists an internship to work with the PrestaShop content management system.
PrestaShop is a great tool for understanding how object-oriented programming is widely used, how to write modules neatly, and create new designs.

What will we give?
🚀 Thinking - a good programmer - above all, good at solving problems. Together we will learn to think and solve real world problems
🚀 Good practices and knowledge of PrestaShop - we have been working with PrestaShop for many years, we know how to properly write modules and themes. We want to pass on this knowledge to new specialists as well!
🚀 The opportunity to contribute to real projects that solve real-world problems

Do I need to have real experience with PrestaShop?
Is not necessary. We will learn everything together 😊

How long does the internship last?
Depends on several factors. Usually 8 to 12 weeks.

Can I get a job after my internship?
If you show progress and good results - of course 🤩