Laravel backend developer

We are an ambitious team of programmers who develop innovative business solutions in various business spheres: from solariums to clothing printing, to housing construction, to laboratory systems.

You will contribute to the improvement and maintenance of these solutions, as well as the creation and development of even bigger projects 🤩


We expect you to:

🫵 Have more than a year of practical Laravel experience (if you have less - write, we always talk and agree on something that suits everyone);
🫵 You are in the mood for new challenges;
🫵 Have git knowledge. We work - on the principle of git feature branch;
🫵 You have the basics of databases, you know how to write SQL queries
🫵 Do you want to improve not only as a specialist (or specialist - we are open to anyone and everyone! 🎉), but also as a person!
🫵 Attention to detail


What do we do WITHOUT work?

🎉 Let's go to nature
🎉 We ride karts
🎉 Every month we have a tradition to order food to the office and just get away from everything
🎉 Coffee. Lots of coffee ☕️☕️☕️
🎉 Don't like coffee? Water please 💦 Or maybe a cola? Those are definitely not in short supply either!

Our core value

  • We are a team, we celebrate victories and achievements as a team and this value is especially important when working WITH us 🤝